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Monday, June 15, 2009

you kids amaze me!

Hello Darlins!

I must say you kids amaze me!

just look here:  jewelry out of skateboards!

I love it!

In the last few hours I have seen friendly plastic become jewelry, bottle caps, and old tshirts reused to make blankets!

 I am so inspired I dont know where to start first!

I think maybe the Tshirts. I have a pile of old clothes that are going to the thrift store I think I shall go through them again and see if I can unravel them and make some yarn!

Also i think I may cut some clothes into long strips and make a rag rug for the kitchen. My greatgrandma made them for hers!

Its not a new concept to reuse what ya got for other needs. My greatgrandparents did this everyday to survive.

Now I am gonna look at my cast off items and see what I can reuse them for!

Thank you kids for teachin this ole gal a new trick!

keep on amazin me ok?

have the best day ever and make some happy memories!

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