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Friday, May 29, 2009

from the email

Dear Miss Julia
I just graduated from college. I am so depressed. I feel there is no way out of the students loans that I have to start paying back soon, finding my dream job and paying the other bills in my life. What is a young gal to do with so much against her when she is starting out?.. Scared of her future Aggie.

Hello Aggie Darlin,
Warm hugs and gentle smile to ya. Darlin I know how scared and overwhelmed you are feelin right now. so breathe.. Yes I know I said breathe.. now darlin make a plan of action. Can you move back home for a period of time? Can you move in with several friends and split the rent? write out the needs and the possible solutions and the pros and cons of those solutions.. then Darlin put your best boots on and make a decision. Then take the steps to make that decision succeed. Also make some goals for your health and mental heath. A successful person is one that is balanced in mind, body and spirit .. so dont forget to exercise too! And Darlin I promise it always works out. So dont sweat it just walk the path of life and enjoy it!
If you have a question for Miss Julia please email them to her.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Photo Walk

Hello Darlins hope this day finds you well and bug free :) (we have alot of biting bugs around here!)

I got to thinking how much fun it would be to take a camera on a walk and take photos of things you see along the way. Now this is cool, for Charlie and me he takes the pictures goin out and I take them go back.. or just take over for him lol

With summer here and the kids will be out of school soon how cool would it be for you to take a walk with your kids and get them to take some photos. Then make a memory walk book .. they can use a program to make a scrapbook and type their thoughts at the end of the summer have a book made or make your own.

here is ten tips from digital photography school.

So kids make some plans and take a nice walk and show me what you saw along the way. :)

Charlies and my walk today :

Mr robin red breast keep walkin away faster then this ole gal could lol

the white tulips in bloom :) lovely

a beautiful brush grew wild in our front yard this year.. I think it might be a honeysuckle I will have to look it up.. So that was our walk about the yard today as you can see we keep it wild to attract wildlife.

Have a great day and make some happy memories :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Save the money and play with your kids!

Hello Darlins,
I just read a news feed about that poor Tyson child. Which got me to thinkin (lol I know that can be a dangerous thing but never the less I got to thinkin..) why have a treadmill and excercise equipment if you got kids? Lordy you want to get rid of the extra weight and get into shape play with your kids! Tag, kickball, jumprope, and that is just what my folks would play with me. I am sure that if you sit down to a family meeting your kids will have a few ideas too. One of my favorites with my daughter was sitting on the floor with a dodgeball our legs spread out and rolling the ball back and forth. Use your imagination and save your money and have a great time with your family! For more ideas and info check this site out :)