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Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Dad

Hello Darlins

Today I want to talk about my Dad, being fathers day and all.

He became a Dad on dec 23, 1955. I dare say life became a great challenge for him ever sense that day. the day I was born.

I could tell ya how well he protected us kids from the outside world and allowed us to be kids. I could tell ya how he would play kickball with us or basketball with my boyfriend. I could tell ya how a man deaf in one ear could hear my girlfriend and me out in the tent and he was clear in the house when she told me she broke her bra strap and he yelled ya want a safety pin? But no i wont tell you about his humor and how he teased me throughout my life ..

I want to tell you about the day I learned I couldn't marry my Dad.

I was all of 4 or 5 years old. Dad was driving to work and I got the honor of going with him. Not sure why I must have been drivin Mom nuts and Daddy was giving her a brake. lol anyway I remember lookin at him and think wow he looked so cool with his arm on the window and tappin his ring on the roof. I rolled my window down and tried to get my arm to fit but no matter how I tried I was to small so I gave up. I looked at the man and woman next to us at the red light and thought I wonder if they think we are married. And I said, "Daddy do you think they think I am your wife?" Daddy gave me one of those looks of not knowing whether to laugh or ignore me. The people next to us chose to laugh. Daddy smiled at them and said, "little girl they dont think we are married. Little girls dont marry their Daddys." and there it was the sound of my heart breakin for the first time ever. "but Daddy i love you" I pleaded and very gently my Daddy said,"I love you too. Daddy-daughter love that never goes away." Then he smiled at me. and everything was all right.

Daddy I love ya and I wish you the best fathers day ever!

And I did marry a man with many of my fathers traits and its our Anniversary today. I love you Charlie :)

 So darlin go hug your daddys and tell him a special story of love about the two of you!

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