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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

House party!

Hello Darlins!

Today I wanted to talk about home parties. Back in the day, I did 1 party a week. I made good money , met interesting people and promoted my store and listings.

My very first party was my step moms idea. I was making jewelry as a hobby and for gifts. I had two shoe boxes filled with earrings, bracelets and necklaces. As my step mom looked through the boxes she exclaimed she was gonna give me a party to sell my jewelry. Sell it? Wowzers! She gave me the best party ever. She invited everyone within a 20 mile radius lol ok maybe not everyone but the house was packed and I sold everything! And, And !!! Three bookings out of that first party and I didn’t have to ask anyone they wanted to book! A business was born.

Since that day my parties improved greatly. Hostess gifts, displays, pamphlets, invitations, business cards, thank you cards, recipes for snacks, and a daily planner! Man did I need that planner! I also hired family or a friend to help me.

Imagine this… you received an invitation from a friend to attend a homemade Jewelry party with the artist. You are intrigued and go.

As you enter the living room you meet me. I say something like thank you for coming and hand you a pamphlet. I mention there are some lovely snacks in the dining room.

Once everyone has arrived I start.

My pitch is simple I describe the making of the piece I am holding. How I made it, why I chose what. Then I pass the item around. I say, “now ladies if you see something you want then just set it under your chair or next to you, but darlins no fighting! Lol I usually get a giggle.

At the end of my presentation I tell them feel free to look at what I have to offer here in the displays , to total and check out please see my friend here she will take good care of you. Be sure to tell my friend if you want to book a party cause you will receive a discount.

I then walk over to the snack table and tell the hostess how lovely everything looked and thank her for supporting me. I answer questions and thank each person for coming and make a point of saying I am glad my creations are going home with someone that will love them.

After everyone has gone I give the hostess her gift. It doesn’t take long to pack up and we drive back. I pay my friend once we are back.

So crafters, if you want to make some money and promote, consider house parties.

If you want to support a local craftsperson.. ask around at shows, or friends. I like to say , “ When the hostess is ready the crafter will show!” J

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