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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A kind word goes a long way!

Hello Darlings!

I am new to all this and this is my first blog entry on Made by Hand. woohoo (hope i am doin this rt)

I have been on twitter alot lately and have found the crafters and artsy folk to be the nicest folk on there!

I have also found us crafty folk to be the most enlighthen. Ready to bring a smile to each other and spread possitive words not negative.

On the other hand.. and here comes the old lady in me. lol  there are alot of followers out there that only have nasty negative things to say. And I must say I enjoyed blocking them! I wouldnt want someone like that to handle my creations.. they is my babies .. no way this mama is gonna let her baby end up in hands of the hateful.

I know you darlins reading this dont need to learn this, cause you are crafty or love crafty items. But boy there are alot of people that need to learn .. if you cant say something nice then dont say anything at all. 

lol oh boy I feel better! getting that off my chest!

My prayer for the day is for the peoples of this world to learn that words have power. And as a part of the human race we have a responsiblity for the words we use.

Peace begins inside each of us. Use loving peaceful words and your world is a bit more peaceful.

Ok that is all I am gonna say or an old lady standing on her soap box!

Have the best day ever and happy crafting!

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