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Monday, July 6, 2009

BowWow treats!


Hello Darlins from the north country!

Today I want to talk about bakin some treats for our doggies.


Today I want to talk about bakin some treats for our doggies.


 My mother in law loves her Toto so very much and he keeps her company 24/7.

Toto also loves his treats J


Picture of Dog - Free Pictures -


Some of you may not have doggies .. But I am sure someone close to you does and this would be a special treat for the owner also.


Makin doggie treats can be fun for the kids too.


 A fun summertime activity and a way to teach them to get back to our furry friends.



Recipes to try:

Delicious Dog Treats

Dog Treats I

Dog Treats II

Liver Lickers Dog Treats


Now if you don’t have the time or want to get some treats from a pro,

try my friend.


TheGourmetbone. thegourmetbone

Cheesy Snacker







Liver Parmesan Rounds 






She bakes some very special treats that look good enough for me to eat!


TheGourmetBone's Bio


While working for a golden retriever rescue I became part of their pet fair team. We traveled from city to city, selling handmade items to support the care of the dogs. I had already been making treats for the dogs under my care and the leader of our team asked me to bring some bags to our next show. It all began there.


Since 1997 I've created hundreds of websites, done many re-designs, been published in a web developer's source book, and baked more dog treats than I can begin to remember. While working as 2nd Lead Baker I learned the in's and out's of design, dough care, and presentation.



Last October I adopted my dog, Zander, and with his fuzziness and adorable face, he has brought great joy to my life. After losing my cat of 15 years, I hold tightly to the love that I share with my other 2 felines (Figgs & Bolt)



March of this year brought an even greater love, when I married my wonderful husband. Together we hope to share the joy of baking and loving our pets with you.



Pls check out her shop J and tell her I sent ya J


Bye for now have the best day ever and make some happy memories!


  1. Thanks for the recipe links. Might have to try making my own treats for Rascal.

  2. They look like yummy human treats.. heehe!
    Cute dogs! ;)