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Monday, July 20, 2009

Aprons! Did someone ask about aprons?

Hello Darlins from the north country!

Someone asked not long ago if we still wear aprons. Well I am here to tell ya not only do we wear them some of us acually make them!

I bring you Moira of  PaleolochicHomeDecor.

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I asked Moira Some questions:


What is your fondest memory of cooking?


I have so many beautiful, though simple memories with cooking involved, specially when I was a little girl, I particularly remember when my grand mother was teaching me how to do meringue, was in a fresh spring afternoon in her garden, whisking by hand those egg whites in a big bowl, she was so quick, (I wasn't), when it was perfectly white and shinny she told me how to check if we did it right and she put a fork in the middle and it didn't fall, that meant it was just perfect, after that we deserved a few spoons of that delicious meringue under the vine tree.



Who is your favorite tv cook?


In Argentina Francis Mallman, in England Jamie Oliver and in Spain Carlos Argui├▒ano



Do you sing as you cook?


I love Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday, I sing with them



Do you feel that your crafty side helps you in the kitchen?


I think it all comes from the same creative brain place, I usually create my dishes as I cook and with what I have, I put a lot of creativity regarding flavours, in the past I worked with many professional chefs and I was always observing and learning from them a lot of little tricks.



And we all must know being fellow cooks and all .. what was your funniest cooking opps?


There is many cooking opps along the way though lately it seems I've learned how to work them around. I remember once, when I was living in London, that a friend of mine gave me a pasta maker, I decided to do raviolis and a dinner party, well I didn't stretch the pasta thin enough and after putting them in water they turn out so, "sooo big" and thick, really disgusting, there was no way to fix that, we went to the fish and chips shop and got us a very British meal, which we had with a very good Italian wine I've got for the ravioli occasion, we had fun anyway... next time there were a lot better, trial and error!


I asked one more thing of Moira, to share with us her favorite recipe.

This is what she sent :) very yummy.


I've sent you a very easy to do recipe from my Mom's country land (Argentina)

Colaciones (12 cakes approx)



6 egg yolks


1 teaspoon of cherry or rum


1 Cup of flour


1/2 teaspoon of baking powder


Dulce de leche (Argentinean sweet) can be replaced by some other sweet cream





1 Cup of Caster sugar


1/2 teaspoon of squeeze lemon juice





In a bowl you mixed the egg yolks, the flour, the baking powder and the cherry until you get consistent dough.


You work the dough and after you stretch it thin (3 to 4 mm- 0.12 to 0.16 inches) approx.


Cut them in ovals (the size of a espresso coffee saucer roughly) and pierce with a fork in the middle so they bend.


Cook them in a preheat oven at 180 ┬║ in a buttered baking plate till they are golden and crisp.


Let them cool down and filled with the "Dulce the Leche"





Mix the caster sugar with boiling water till you form a consistent cream (but not too hard) and add the lemon juice, then you put it on top of each one and leave them to cool down.



Well Darlins I hope you found this interesting!

And pls do check out her shop! PaleolochicHomeDecor.


Until next time, How are things in your neck of the woods? :)


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