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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Save the money and play with your kids!

Hello Darlins,
I just read a news feed about that poor Tyson child. Which got me to thinkin (lol I know that can be a dangerous thing but never the less I got to thinkin..) why have a treadmill and excercise equipment if you got kids? Lordy you want to get rid of the extra weight and get into shape play with your kids! Tag, kickball, jumprope, and that is just what my folks would play with me. I am sure that if you sit down to a family meeting your kids will have a few ideas too. One of my favorites with my daughter was sitting on the floor with a dodgeball our legs spread out and rolling the ball back and forth. Use your imagination and save your money and have a great time with your family! For more ideas and info check this site out :)

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